The Butterfly Effect

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world – Chaos Theory

No, this post has nothing common with the famous film The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher. But it certainly is related to butterflies, the tiny wonders of nature. Because they raise a wave of sheer Happiness in your heart. Nature offers us a lot of surprises. Among several, there is Butterflies. And these tiny creatures mind their own businesses, live on their own and spread happiness. With each stroke of their wings, they paint the world, they paint imaginations. They draw on the sketch-pads of children. They fill colors in each of the drawings. They help children to imagine. From religious texts to modern literature, from poems to lyrical ballads, butterfly is everywhere.

Common Jezebel Butterflies do a lot more than just flapping wings and sipping nectar from flowers. Flowers contain pollen. When butterflies land on flowers, the pollen sticks to them, mainly their skinny legs. And when they land on another flower, these pollen gets detached, and thus initiates reproduction. How amazing is that!

IMG_4119ds There are over 28000 species of butterfly all over the world. 80% of them are found in tropical region. They have annual life cycles. If you remember, it takes a year for eggs to transform into caterpillar to chrysalis. Thus each year they need the same climatic conditions to develop from eggs to winged ones. An abundance or a growth in the number of butterflies indicates a stable ecosystem.

IMG_5054o They serve as a source of food for birds and frogs and other predators. Thus a decrease in butterfly count can indicate that some of the bird species can be heading for extinction.Increased butterfly populations may indicate an increase in plant diversity and other pollinator groups within restored areas.

Psyche Leptosia Nina on Tridax procumbens (Coat buttons) Now these are facts. But I like to imagine them as colorful angels from heaven. I would like to imagine them as the small ornaments that make mother nature look elegant and beautiful. :) Just a day with butterflies can make you happy and can help you rejuvenate your soul after all the hard work throughout the week. So just take a day off and visit a garden with flowers and watch butterflies flap their wings and create flashes of colors around you.

Lemon Pansy

Tiny Grass Blue

Common Crow


Plains Cupid

Blue Tiger


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