It’s Never Too Late or Is It: An Experience

Never have I ever thought that I’ll be a member of a team where everyone shares the same passion, same hobby and the same goal.

Good Souls. From the left: Sreyan Mullick Chowdhury, Sourya Sur Roy, Aritra Mitra, Avishek Rakshit. Front: Nilanjan Banerjee.

It all happened when I first went to college. 2014. I was perplexed with the notion of staying in a hostel and the disciplines they impose on you can be quite a burden. It’s not like the college everyone attends. But it brought me the opportunity to meet some people who, quite surprisingly, were enthusiastic, creative, and have glowing hearts. I was saved.

A lot of things happened in the next couple of months till we got the news of Xavotsav’15. A short film competition was being held along with the usual. The news came to us as a blessing. It was a large platform and only participating could make a difference. We had been fiddling with the idea of making a film but now it was time to get serious.

A postman left a letter

Our very first project, a short film, on a predefined theme, was a tough job. We had no idea. All we had was each of our field of expertise and that’s it. We had no script, no actor, nothing! The anxiety started taking a toll on us. What will be the consequence?


Some sleepless nights were spent. Major brainstorming sessions, missing out on next day’s lectures. The team began to expand. First it was Sreyan, Avishek, Nilanjan, Nabhoneel and I. A few days later cinephiles came pouring in with diverse ideas. Aritra Mitra, Sourya Sur Roy, Rohit Mondal, Aritra Basu, and the English Major seniors, all of them played an important role for what was about to happen.

The twist

“We have a script”, exclaimed Nilanjan one day. And in no time it was finalized. I don’t even know how many stories went in to the wastebasket. But we were relieved. It’s time to start.

We bunked classes, missed out on lectures and college events and went on to make the project on which the fate of our team was standing. It was The Anon. Productions’ very first project and we wanted to make it big. How I miss those days when my mother knew I was attending college classes but I was there shooting with a fantastic team. It was all a dream to me.

Nilanjan Banerjee

The main challenge arrived when we had to shoot in complete darkness using just a candle and a 60watt bulb as our only light source. But this very scene turned out to be the icing on the cake. Our actor was reluctant to groom his hair for this scene, but somehow we managed. Reminiscing those days is indeed a treat.

We went to Avishek’s aunt’s house to shoot for a scene. Setting up the props, shouting out cut was indeed fun. We were very particular about the letter. We wanted yellow tinged paper and an envelope, a pretty one, which resembled the ones from the late 70s, when letter was the only way of communication, a time when the idea of Facebook and Whatsapp wasn’t even conceived.

This was a journey for me. The journey which brought me close to people whom I will treasure for the rest of my life and gave me memories I will cherish. Because, there’s nothing like making your first ever short film.

Introducing Aritra Mitra, the Father.

But why I’m writing this two years later? Our production house is turning two tomorrow, and everyone who knows us are in for a surprise! Yes, the short film titled “It’s Never too Late or is It?” received positive reviews from different age groups. We came first in the competition, yes we did! The positive reactions led us to make more short films, a micro series and we did cover some important events in Kolkata and worked with major Corporate Houses as partners. It might seem we have achieved quite a lot but we have a long way to go.

The Lead Actor. Sourya Sur Roy.

I would request everyone to watch the film. Share your opinions and drop by our facebook page:

Here’s the video :

The Photographs are taken by yours truly.

Enjoy. Follow me for more posts. 🙂

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