Sunderbans: A Song of Land and Sea

Sunderban was on the top of my travel-bucket list. I’ve heard so much about this place and never had an opportunity to make a small trip. Winter is always a favourable time to visit this place but it is difficult to take in its essence with all the chaotic tourists; all huddling up to enjoy … Continue reading Sunderbans: A Song of Land and Sea

Santragachi Jheel and Migratory Birds

The last time I started writing a blogpost, it was raining outside, it was monsoon in Kolkata and Munias were flocking together for their breeding season in the outskirts of the joyous city. The chill in the air made me realize that it's winter now and I'm writing once again. (I apologize for not being … Continue reading Santragachi Jheel and Migratory Birds

A Story of Grassland: Rajarhat

Much like my neighbor site, Patuli, Rajarhat shares the same environment. A grassland, Rajarhat can be called the oxygen hub of New Town, the IT Hub and Residential sector of Kolkata. People protest, rally against human encroachment in Rain-forests, coastal regions (for oil rigging) and mangroves. These are indeed some very important issues on which … Continue reading A Story of Grassland: Rajarhat