Sunderbans: A Song of Land and Sea

Sunderban was on the top of my travel-bucket list. I’ve heard so much about this place and never had an opportunity to make a small trip. Winter is always a favourable time to visit this place but it is difficult to take in its essence with all the chaotic tourists; all huddling up to enjoy their Christmas and winter vacation.

The land of Mangroves (a sprawling 4265 sq. km) is approximately 109 kms Continue reading “Sunderbans: A Song of Land and Sea”

Santragachi Jheel and Migratory Birds

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A Story of Grassland: Rajarhat

Much like my neighbor site, Patuli, Rajarhat shares the same environment. A grassland, Rajarhat can be called the oxygen hub of New Town, the IT Hub and Residential sector of Kolkata.

People protest, rally against human encroachment in Rain-forests, coastal regions (for oil rigging) and mangroves. These are indeed some very Continue reading “A Story of Grassland: Rajarhat”